Dividend Policy


The Company and the Subsidiary have prescribed a dividend payment policy as follow

  1. The company’s policy is to pay dividends at not less than 50% of the company’s net income after tax deduction and statutory reserves from the separate financial statement and must be comply with Public Limited Company Act. However, dividend payment subjects to cash flow, investment plan and financial needs that could materially affect the company’s operations.
  2. The subsidiary’s policy is to pay at not less than 50% of net income and subjects to investment plan or unless the payment of dividends would materially affect the subsidiary’s cash flow and financial standing.

However, the policy will be subject to change should the Board of Directors consider the operating performance, financial standing, liquidity, future projects and find that it is appropriate to propose the shareholders otherwise

The dividend payment must be approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Board may pay interim dividends to shareholders occasionally, if they find that the Company has sufficient profits to do so, and report to the subsequent Shareholders’ Meeting