Automatic Car Parking System


Automatic Car Parking System

             Currently, problems from the increasing in the number of cars, limited parking space in many areas, expanding number of urban communities, the increase of high-rise buildings and department stores or even the government’s Smart City guidelines have obviously risen the trend of parking space management and automatic car parking systems.

Automatic car parking systems make the use of services at various places more convenient. Furthermore, parking space is a major factor in providing organization’s customers or personnel’s satisfaction from the convenience and safety of their vehicles. An effective car parking system enhances such facilities and organization’s image, and credibility. Apart from above reasons, the research have shown that automatic car parking systems also provide further benefits  to help by reducing traffic congestion, air pollution and the number of kilometers that vehicles must be driven, along with reducing time in looking for a parking space and increasing vehicle parking capacity. Automatic car parking systems are a good start in developing an urban community into smart cities with more green spaces.

           Each automatic car parking system types have different applications depending on suitability of use for parking space at places such as resident, apartment, factories, department stores, offices or government facilities with limited parking space.

           At ALLA, we have skilled engineering teams to offer services ranging from consultation, joint supervision, area surveys and system planning service along with close supervision of infrastructure and installation work in each project. Furthermore, we have teams who are prepared to check systems and solve after sales problems for customers quickly in all 24 hours of the day. We offer services for the following types of automatic car parking systems:

           1.Tower Parking Systems

Tower parking systems are an automatic car parking system that manages vertical parking, suitable for areas with limited space due to low use of space in horizontal dimensions. Tower parking systems use mechanical lifting devices to life vehicles to park on floors directed by the system. Tower parking systems can be made for heights from 5 floors to 35 floors. This parking system significantly conserves space.

          2.Cabinet Type/Circular  Type Parking System

These parking systems store vehicles on palettes automatically by combining vertical lifts designed for vehicles that move up and down to lift with horizontal carts or shuttles that work together to reach high capacity parking spaces quickly. These types of parking system are suitable for large buildings from having capacity for thousands of cars. Furthermore, more than two cars can enter or exit at the same time. Also this type is parking an automatic car parking system with the most modern security systems and are controlled by multiple sensors to give the system maximum accuracy, making parking easier, faster, safer and more convenient.

          3.Puzzle Parking Systems

Puzzle parking system is automatic car parking systems that have integrated palettes enabling horizontal and vertical parking space movement similar to a sliding puzzle. The puzzle parking system lifts and slides vehicles on palettes to the nearest parking space by using motors or hydraulic cylinders to pull palettes with slings or chains. This fully automated system can determine settings and be modified to suit uses and areas to make parking and car recall easier and more convenient. Maximum height is 8 floors with 2 extra underground level if necessary.

          4.Rotary Parking Systems

Because rotary parking systems store cars in a manner similar to Ferris wheels, rotary parking systems are suitable for every organization, department store or government facility with insufficient parking space for the number of vehicles. Rotary parking systems can provide a daily life solution for people in the capital by increase parking space for two cars into parking space for 6-16 cars.

          5. Two Post Car Lift

Suitable for medium sized residential, factory, apartment or showroom. Easy to install and maintenance due to the simple design.

          6.Car Elevator And Turntable

The devices which use to transfer vehicles up and down in the limited space and also turn them around automatically in the area with narrow turning circle.

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