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Service Work

In the area of after sales service, ALLA recognizes the importance of after sales work and has expert and experienced teams to provide spare part repair and replacement services for cranes and loading dock systems. ALLA has spare part warehouses to meet customer needs and provide services quickly. In addition, the Company has a service center at 255/22, Route 331, Bo Win, Sriracha, Chonburi, to provide repair services for customers quickly. This is the heart of ALLA. Services are divided as follows:

Crane Service

service crane

Repair Calls

ALLA accepts repair calls in all 24 hours and is ready to provide services for service contract customers and regular customers. For service contract customers, we are ready to provide services immediately upon receiving a repair call. Regular customers can make repair calls and the Company will send expert technicians to check and repair immediately.

Spare Parts

ALLA is ready to offer all types of spare part services. Because of ALLA’s large warehouses, ALLA is able to reassure customers of our readiness to provide services immediately.

Service Contract

ALLA offers special privileges for customers who made a service contract with the Company. Among privileges, customers will receive a discount for spare parts and services including immediate repair services upon being notified of a repair call along with teams of engineers and experts who will provide consultation and solutions in all 24 hours. Service contract work covers the following work:

Ø Checking and maintenance services for cranes (fixed cranes) and related equipment.

Ø Visual check and maintenance services for cranes (fixed cranes) and related equipment.

Ø Load testing services by engineer teams with direct expertise in the field of work including issuance of Por. Jor. 1 and Por. Jor. 2 certificates prescribed by Thai law.

ALLA Customers will receive care according to proper guidelines for safety in using equipment in your business at appropriate times. Proper inspection and maintenance will help your business have lower costs in various areas. All you need to do is to be confident and have trust when using ALLA’s services.

After Sales Services in the Warranty Period

ALLA offers privileges to customers in order to create warmth in using our products with installation quality assurance within a period to customers’ satisfaction. We offer checking and maintenance services at appropriate times to give customers like your confidence that use of ALLA’s products help your business achieve success according to goals under business ethics.

Training on Use of Cranes

ALLA is a leader in the loading system business complete international standards. Training services under criteria and methods in Notifications of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare are a topic of great importance to us. We are prepared to offer the following training services for customers who show interest:

Ø Crane Operator, Signaler, Rigger and Supervisor Course 2011.

Ø Crane Operation Review Course 2011.

Ø Basic Safe Crane Operation Course (a course specific to ALLA) – Lecturers and instructors are legally licensed with proper registration numbers and certificates. Customers will receive certificates after training to confirm that you have passed a training course in compliance with the law, giving the customer’s organization maximum benefit under correct and safe operations.

Crane Refurbishment

ALLA is an expert in crane work, structure modifications, hoists, axles and runway adjustments including disassembly for reinstallation at suitable places for customers. ALLA prioritizes cost-effective use of resources, which is an important cost reduction for the organization. In the area of activities with need for growth in the business world under current conditions and modification of old crane resources for cost-effective use, ALLA has engineer teams to design and calculate structures for consistency with loads under international standards. Customers can be confident that products modified by ALLA meet standards and are safe to use under customers’ appropriate budgets with warranty for results within an appropriate period of time. ALLA is willing to offer consultation in every form to give customers satisfaction and answer unceasing business. We are always ready to grow beside you.

Dock Bay and Industrial Door Service


Service Calls

The Door Service Department responds to service calls made by service contract customers and ordinary customers. Service contract customers can request services immediately and ordinary customers can make service calls. The Door Service Department is willing to provide consultation and send the Company’s expert technicians to check in order to assess the price and continue with the next step.

Spare Parts

The Door Spare Parts & Service Contract Department stocks all types of spare part products to meet customer needs. Therefore, customers can state intentions to have ALLA’s expert technicians check, prepare and assess prices in order to offer a price and perform installations to replace parts as customers need.

Service Warranty

After a sale takes place, the Door Service Department places importance on service warranty by maintaining standards and offering a quality warranty of 1 year. Customers must have convenience with service warranty from the team. The team plans work to check and perform preventive maintenance (PM) of products for customers on a monthly basis according to conditions previously agreed upon.

Service Contract

Apart from warranty services, the Door Spare Parts & Service Contract Department has another service, which is contract services. The Company offers services for customers who use ALLA’s products and ordinary customers. Customers can purchase service contracts after warranties have expired and receive discounts for the cost of spare parts according to service contract conditions and a PM period that has been agreed upon in order to enable customers to use products effectively and continually.
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