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Hoist and Crane

ALLA is Thailand’s sole distributer and installer of hoist and crane products from STAHL CraneSystems Germany. We are capable of manufacturing high-quality cranes with German technology, which has maximum load capacity up to 360 tons, and explosion proof cranes, which are globally accepted. We are able to custom design to suit for different uses, including various load capacities and factory sizes, to provide the most efficient cranes to our customers.

Loading Dock System

ALLA, the leader in loading dock system among industrial plants, distributes and installs equipment for loading dock system, including dock leveler, dock shelter and industrial door, by staff with our more than 20-year experiences. We have a wide range of products from both Europe and the USA to suit customer’s needs.

Dock Leveler – Mechanical

Dock Leveler – Hydraulic

Dock Leveler – Air Bag

Shelter – Dock Seal

Shelter – Inflatable

Shelter – Retractable

Door – High Speed

Door – Overhead

Door – Fire

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