Love, Victor Ends Season 2 With Victor’s Biggest Decision Yet — Grade the Finale

The next post contains spoilers for like, Victor‘s entire season that is second.

It’s been 2 days since appreciate, Victor‘s 2nd period dropped on Hulu, while the fandom is split between Team Benji and Team Rahim — but which group is Victor himself planning to join? The summer season 2 finale nearly provided us a remedy compared to that relevant concern, but stopped agonizingly in short supply of revealing which love interest had won Victor’s heart. What’s more, Mia’s dad’s wedding unfolded quite significantly for virtually any character — including Mia’s dad! — therefore let’s break up where each of them wound up because of the time the reception had been over.

VICTOR | Having learned in Episode 9 that Benji does not think he should go to the marriage with Victor any longer, Victor rather matches Rahim and faithfully keeps wanting to persuade himself which he and Rahim are simply buddies. But during the ceremony and reception, sparks continue steadily to travel among them — also because they knock straight straight straight back some icky oysters — and both Rahim and Victor admit they’re having a lot of fun together.

Over at Brasstown, Benji is forlornly taking a look at Instagram photos through the wedding… whenever Isabel turns up! She brings him a Tupperware filled with the chicken meal she ended up being designed to provide within the season premiere, then apologizes on her awful previous behavior, including any part she played in breaking up Benji and Victor. Benji counters that their and Victor’s issues operate much much deeper than Isabel, and they’re too overwhelming for two teens to deal with. But Isabel informs Benji that most relationships have their dilemmas, aside from age, and what counts is just how difficult you fight for the love and commit you to ultimately enhancing it.

Isabel’s terms appear to resonate with Benji, because later on that night, he turns up during the wedding dinner, simply to find Victor and Rahim sharing a romantic-looking dance that is slow.

Victor spots Benji watching them, and Benji will be taking off instantly, remarking which he is like an idiot for coming — and when Victor again shows to Rahim that they’re just buddies, Rahim gets genuine and states their relationship with Victor is much more than friendly, “and i do believe you agree beside me.” “When we’re together, it is like secret,” Rahim continues. “I’ve never ever felt more linked to some body during my life time.” He departs Victor with a sweet kiss — which Victor certainly will not resist — then informs him he’ll give Victor some area to determine exactly what (or whom) he wishes. “But should you feel exactly the same way i really do, you understand where we reside,” he concludes before making.

Victor goes as much as Mia’s bed room to clear their mind, and there he finds Felix having their very own love triangle crisis. Victor lays away his similar intimate situation, and Felix attempts a method that his mother discovered when you look at the psych ward: Victor closes their eyes, and Felix tells him to imagine most of the future things he desires to do together with his boyfriend. “Who do you realy see? will there be anyone where it might destroy you if you didn’t do those plain things with?” Felix asks, dubious sentence structure and all sorts of. “Actually, yeah,” Victor replies. “Yeah, there is certainly.”

He departs the marriage after that enlightening discussion, presumably to go profess their like to Rahim or Benji, then opts to merely jog most of the option to their location as he realizes the length of time an Uber would just take. And merely as he’s showing up, Victor gets a call from Simon (hi, Nick Robinson!), who’s been busy with finals and it hasn’t taken care of immediately Victor’s latest DMs concerning the Benji breakup. But Victor gladly realizes that developing as homosexual has offered him a much larger help system than a year ago, whenever just Simon knew about Victor’s sex. “You have already been therefore amazing for me,” Victor informs Simon, “but i believe that I’m ready to find clubluk how to use out this next chapter of my life without you.” Simon agrees Victor’s ready for that step, but informs him to not be described as a complete complete stranger — in accordance with that, they hang up the phone, and Victor bands someone’s doorbell. The doorway starts, and Victor states, “Hi” with a smile… but we’re never shown who’s receiving that hey. Gah!

FELIX | Felix’s mom comes home from her psychiatric hold in good spirits, and newly invested in obtaining the assistance she requires to be available for Felix’s life milestones. And even though she knows why Felix felt betrayed by Lake, she’s grateful to her son’s ex, whom place her relationship with Felix at risk to be sure Dawn got the best care. Nevertheless, even while Felix and Lake look prepared to rekindle things during the wedding that night, Felix becomes conflicted as he finds a package of Swedish Fish in the coat that Pilar had bought for their mother. Then, from then on visualization workout he does with Victor that evening, Felix is yes: He would like to be with Pilar, in the end, and returns house to seal the offer by kissing her.

You don’t need to have a pity party for Lake, however! She looks fire in a red jumpsuit at Mia’s dad’s wedding, and she seemingly have caught the attention of Lucy, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend. (On one side, personally i think highly that Lake and Felix are MFEO. On the other side? Totally right here with this Lucy/Lake situation, which seems to just simply simply take both females by surprise a little.) MIA | regarding the early morning of her dad’s wedding, Mia learns that Harold accepted the Stanford task, most likely, then immediately falls into a difficult funk for the whole ceremony and reception. By the end of the evening, Harold knocks on Mia’s bed room home, apparently regretting their choice to make the job — however when he goes in, Mia is fully gone, and there’s just an email sitting on her behalf sleep. We instead find her within the vehicle with Andrew, whom asks, “You sure you should do this?” “Yep,” she tells him. “Let’s get see my mother.”

ISABEL & ARMANDO | Despite her best efforts to woo Armando with fried chicken, his new love interest Shelby never stood a chance: Armando and Isabel rekindle their relationship (see: write out into the doorway of Isabel’s apartment) prior to the finale is through. With this, we hand it up to you! Exactly exactly exactly What do you think about prefer, Victor‘s sophomore finale? Cast your votes inside our polls below, then drop a remark along with your complete responses!